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First of all i would like to say a big thanks to Ultimate remaps for the remap on my Porsche 911 Turbo which has gone from 420bhp to 510bhp a 90bhp gain  The service was absolutely brilliant from start to finish and i would recommend your service to anyone who wants to get a remap done.


From the moment the remap was completed the difference in performance was instant. The car pulls like a train from 1500rpm right up to the red line with no flat spots at all now. The car is alot faster and the 0 to 60 time is alot quicker. The ride is now alot smoother too and i can now cruise along in a higher gear and use less fuel.


Once again may i say many thanks for transforming my car and i would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of getting their car remapped.



Hi since you remapped my 330d I am really pleased to say that it is a smoother drive with loads more power i was really getting the remap more for the reason of the extra mpg but that aside i can now say that i will enjoy every single mile i drive.


You have made a very good car fantastic. I bought the 330d because it is a powerful car well suited motorway driving but i had no idea just how much this power output could be improved upon. And the mpg is up by around 10% so i am really pleased all round. Only problem now is i always take the long route home.



Sutton Coldfield

After having my Range Rover remapped, i was very impressed with the transformation i colud not believe the power increase.A 40bhp increase has made the vehicle much much easier and relaxing to drive an has also improved the fuel economy.

I am well chuffed with the remap and will definitely get Ultimate Remaps to remap my next car. See you soon :)




We are now one week on from the remap and i am please to tell you the results of the modifications you made to my Accord CDTi have been worthwhile.


The increase in power and torque was huge and has improved flexibility of how i can drive the car so much, which makes it a pleasure to drive, also there is no noticeable reduction in fuel economy from my calculations it seems to have improved. I would not hesitate to use your services in the future.




I am well impressed with the remap on my Ibiza,the power increase is amazing from 160bhp to  211bhp a 50bhp gain.The guys at Ultimate Remaps done a superb job.Its like driving a different car.

Well done




Range Rover 3.6 Diesel (2007 model)

Sutton Coldfield to London 130 miles @ 24.2 mpg before the re-map,Sutton Coldfield to London 130 miles @ 28.7 mpg after the re-map.Exactly the same route used and an immediate 20% increase in mpg, not to mention much better throttle response and the need to keep the right foot under control,cant imagine why everyone doesn’t do this .


Little Aston,Sutton Coldfield

After the Remap I can’t believe the power and the economy is astonishing on journeys, it was all done very professional and well worth the small cost.” I  always end up taking the long route home now :)



Just to say thanks for doing the work on my car a couple of months ago – I said I would provide some feedback. I think you improved the performance from 125bhp to just under 160bhp. This has made a significant difference to torque especially in 3rd through to 6th gear making overtaking a lot more efficient- the engine pulls for what seems like a much longer time and is certainly much more responsive. The difference really is quite noticeable making it a much more “punchy engine” on what was previously quite a sluggish engine. Also my economy has increased from around 46-47mpg to around 49mpg, which is also good bearing in mind this is based on driving nearly entirely on non-motorway miles with lots of stopping and hard(ish) acceleration. I will more than likely get my wife’s Audi A3 (1.9e 105 HP) re-mapped and I would (and have) recommended your company – better performance + better mileage + a good service – no brain-er!!!. Your company was recommended by someone I know and I was a bit apprehensive before but I am really glad I got it done.”



I cannot praise your company more highly after my visit last week ,my DPF light was constantly on and now no more!,the scare i had when i realised the cost of a new one from BMW at over £1500  was nothing like the surprise at how low a cast it was to have it removed by you,and im astonished how clean my car now pulls through the gears and how much power it has for overtaking and after a week my consumption is 6 MPG better which is remarkable considering the way the car drives , I cannot thank you enough and have recommended you and your company to friends and family alike.”



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